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kingdomchorus's Journal

Kingdom Chorus - A Kingdom Hearts Lyrical Icon Cha
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Welcome to kingdomchorus, a lyrical icon challenge community based off final_chorus and all the other chorus communities out there. This community specializes in Kingdom Hearts icons and nothing but.

What a lyrical icon challenge community is, you ask? Sit down, child and I shall tell you. Each week, a lyric is posted. Members of the community will create icons based on the lyric and submit them. On Saturday, members will vote on their favourite icons.

Everyone can participate, as long as they follow the rules.

o1.] You may only enter two icons per challenge.
o2.] Do not use other people's bases/blanks. Banning will happen.
o3.] No cheating. That means no telling your friends to vote for you, no making new accounts to vote multiple times for your own icon. You can, however, vote for yourself, but only if you really think it's the best icon.
o4.] Do not distribute/use your icon elsewhere until the winners have been announced.
o5.] Have fun!

Best Overall; the best icon submitted that week.
Best Adaption; best use of the lyrics supplied regarding theme/character/game.
Most Inventive; the most creative icon. The person who does the most creative thing with the icon and the lyrics, colourwise, captionwise, picturewise, themewise.
Best Colouring; best use of colour.
Mod's Choice; the icon we feel is the best of the ones submitted.

Sunday - Friday; entries are accepted.
Friday - Sunday; the voting takes place.
Results are posted Sunday evening.

Keep in mind these times are GMT+1 every other week since fairypark is Norwegian and all obscure time-zoney.


If you would like to affie, leave a note on this post.